21 years ago, moving from Germany to USA, I was fascinated finding a country which actually has been built by many countries, by people from all over the world now living side by side in one place. My¬†fascination grew when I found out that, once in USA, the immigrants didn’t give up their original culture and language. Instead they added and integrated both into their new life and their new country.

Still, until today translations from the immigrants’ native languages to English (and vice versa) are necessary. People asked for my help with English/German and French/German translations, then over time and with growing demand the idea came up starting my own business, and here we go: “StS Translations” – the company for translations, proofreading and editing.

You may ask what the “StS” stands for: it’s the short version of “Schmitt to Smith” which is my German last name translated into its English equivalent; and at the same time introducing what the company is about: Translation Services.